What You Need to Know about Naples Retractable Awning

Are you fond of staying outdoors but worried about too much sun exposure? Have you been thinking about updating the outdoor space you have in your home by putting a retractable awning? If you haven’t decided yet if you should get one, we’ll help you decide by providing you with some of the benefits of having a Naples retractable awning.

Protects You from Any Kind of Weather

Retractable awnings are mostly used to offer shade in your space outdoors. It can be placed on decks, patios, and porches. But it is not limited to giving you protection from the sun. It can withstand rain and snow as well. You can comfortably lounge in your outdoor space because you have your retractable awning to protect you from the weather.

You Can Have It Mounted Anywhere

If you think that your house is not designed to have a retractable awning, you could be wrong at that. This is because retractable awnings are designed and built so that it can be mounted on your home’s exterior spaces. It will be able to give you the coverage that you need if you like spending time outside.

Provides You with Sufficient Protection from UV Rays

Being outdoors is just wonderful especially if the weather is sunny and everything is bright. But you still have to get enough protection from the sun’s UV rays which are harmful. With the retractable awning, you can be protected from such exposure, lowering the risk of having skin-related cancers and other health issues. Having a retractable awning can allow you to enjoy the sun and the outdoors while not having to worry about exposure to harmful rays.

Pick Ones that will Match Your Home

You may think that retractable awnings have very limited choices when it comes to color and design. That’s not true. Since retractable awnings are made from acrylic fabrics and they are dyed using a special solution, you have over 200 options available for color and design. You can pick one that will compliment or match your home perfectly.

Creating Additional Space

Retractable awnings are great for creating additional space. In summertime, when you have a lot of guests in your home, you can enclose your porch or deck with the use of the retractable awning’s shade system. A new and comfortable space can be made; keeping the bugs out and letting cool, fresh air in.


So, what do you think about getting a Naples retractable awning? Having one is great for those who love staying outdoors. People who love working out in the garden would love to have a space where they can rest and just adore their plants. Writers and artists would love this, too. Sometimes, it can get boring to be inside the writing room or studio. The outdoors can be a source of great inspiration. Avid readers will like the idea of sitting outside, a drink at hand and a favorite book on the other. Retractable awnings will give you additional space that you thought you didn’t have.

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