Know the Various Body Scrub Types 

Nowadays, several various body scrubs are commercially distributed. However, every scrub’s base is similar, which is a chemical agent. When your skin is regularly exposed to these chemicals, it could cause skin-damaging issues over time. Hence, it’s not advisable to use them too often. For that, the limit number of body scrub uses would be twice a week. To know more about the different types of body scrubs available now, check out the following list in this article: 

Herbal body scrubs 

There are many possibilities for herbal scrubs. You can also refer to many various recipes for body scrubs, which are based on your liking. You can use just nearly anything to create the best herbal scrub that’s perfect for your needs. Orange peel and lavender flowers are some of the best examples of additives for very popular scrubs. Each of them has its distinct scent, and a prime healing or relaxing agent at the same time. The combination of the right herb mixtures with the perfect oils can result in a heavenly and great experience. 

Moisturizing body scrubs 

A lot of people are suffering from a lack of moisture. Dry skin can be a frustrating skin issue. However, you can remedy it easily using moisturizing body scrubs. You have unlimited options that you can use, which you can base on your preference and taste. Ground almonds and oatmeal are a typical additive apart from other moisturizing properties like aloe vera and yogurt.  

Salt body scrubs 

Perhaps it’s best if you opt for a salt-based scrub if you want something more vigorous and rejuvenating in your life. This scrub type can be made using various sea salt grades, depending on the purifier level that your skin will bear. Salt body scrubs are best used to bring toxins to the surface of your skin and it has good healing properties at the same time. If you want oil-based with salt-based scrubs, you’ll be able to concoct salts glow by adding some popular oils, like sesame or almond. Moreover, you can incorporate the essential oils that you want, bringing your scrub a rejuvenating and replenishing aromatherapy. 

Sugar body scrubs 

Sugar-based scrubs are probably the most famous scrub type. Regardless of whether they contain brown sugar or granulated sugar, they do the same thing. After you add the sugar base, you would then have to put a glycerin or oil product to create a pasty-like scrub. This type of body scrub is an ideal option—particularly if you like to use a much-less abrasive scrub. 

Coffee body scrubs 

Coffee is not just an amazing and addictive smelling quicker-picker-upper, but it’s also become pretty widely used in scrubs thanks to its distinct agents. One of the stimulants of nature is coffee and its ideal areas that are prone to cellulite. Frequently, spas are using coffee together with several other therapeutic and stimulating materials. Adding oils or scents like vanilla or chocolates will leave you feeling well and alive, making fun and relaxing experience whenever you exfoliate your body. 



Is It Okay to Paint Over Wallpaper?

Repainting your house is a common home improvement task. After many years of living in the house, but it’s normal for you to change the way that it looks. It’s normal for you to get bored with the usual look of your home. Changing the color of your wall can make a drastic change to the look of your surroundings.   

If you have wallpaper attached to your wall, then you have two options on how to go about it. You can remove that wallpaper or you can paint over it. But the question is, should you really paint over it? If you would, how should you do it?   

How to Remove Wallpaper   

Those who have removed wallpaper before know how difficult the task can be. Stripping down wallpaper is a laborious task. But you can always take the shortcut and just paint over the wallpaper instead of stripping and prepping the wall. This is a trick that a lot of homeowners do if they choose to make house painting a do-it-yourself project.   

By simply painting over old wallpapers, you’ll complete the job a lot faster. But even that is easier said than done. It’s possible to have noticed some peeling and damage to the old wallpaper. If you see any ripped parts in the wallpaper, you have to repair it first to prevent air bubbles. You also have to glue any loose sections.    

When to Strip Down Wallpaper   

If the wallpaper that has sustained a lot of damage and seems beyond repair, it is better to strip it down. Only repair and paint over wallpaper that has minimal damages. It will take you several hours to mix the joint compound and apply it on the seams but it is still lesser work compared to stripping down everything.   

Textured wallpapers may also be a concern, as that would lead you to having a textured wall too. But try to see if you want such an effect. You may also choose to apply the joint compound on the entire wall, and just sand the surface to make it smoother.    

How to Choose the Right Color  

Choosing the right color for your wallpaper is necessary as the new color may not be able to cover the color of the old wallpaper. It goes without saying that you have to choose a shade that’s darker than the color of the wallpaper. In case you want a lighter shade than what your wallpaper used to be, then you have to apply a sealer first. Doing prevents the wallpaper’s original hues from being seen through the new coat of paint.    

Once you got that right, you should be ready to paint. When painting over wallpapers, be sure to purchase the best kind of paints and materials. Don’t forget to protect the floors and windows. If you need more help in painting over wallpapers, consult with the experts. Find quality painting services and hire the professional painters for the job. That’s your assurance of getting the best possible results.